Friday, September 15, 2006

Two, two, TWO Harrison's in.....4!

I love Bill Hunt over at The Digital Bits. I said it before and I'll say it again. He balances his geek love of DVD with intellegent passion and knowledge. I read that sight daily and have to share my favorite findings with all of you when I can. Today is a great one! This is just great info for all you Chic Geeks out there.
Before you go and spend you hard earned cash on this weeks newly released DVD's check out Bills review of Star Wars and Blade Runner out on DVD now. He was also on Attack of the Show this week and he was very well spoken and actually was the only person on the show who actually talked about the DVD's. Here are some reviews he did for this weeks releases. Check them out here. Thanks Mr. Hunt and keep up the good work!

Chic Geek

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Original Star Wars: DVD

Over the last two days there has been a lot of chatter about the "original" Star Wars DVD that was released on Tuesday. I've come to learn the word original is subjective. In essence what they are re-releasing is the Laser Disk versions. Whether you should buy them or not? I have no idea. I'm starting to worry they won't be around like this again. In DVD that is. Plus I don't have the Laser Disk versions except on VHS and that won't last forever at least DVD will. Hope, hope!

Anyways, I have found one article that speaks very well about DVD's, different versions of Star Wars and the love that is Star Wars. The Star Wars: Timeline editor for wrote an editorial about the re-release.

Check it out, it's very good and has some good ideas and info about what they should release for the 30th anniversary.

Read it here: DVD Editorial

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another opinion with another option.

This is what Moriarty over at had to say about the Blade Runner: Director's Cut releasing this month.

"Don’t buy this.

I love BLADE RUNNER, and this has always been a title that I’ve been willing to buy each time it’s been released in a new format. Yes, this is an anamorphic transfer finally, but this is not what you want to buy. I mean, if the only version of the film that you like is the “director’s cut” version (which isn’t, technically speaking, the director’s preferred cut of the film), then you should go ahead and buy this. But for anyone who really loves this film, you need to just hold on for next year, when there’s a super-mega-ultra-deluxe tricked out balls-to-the-wall version coming, with every cut that has ever existed, as well as a new cut you haven’t seen before and even some things you haven’t heard about yet that will make that BLADE RUNNER the only one you will ever need to own. Ridley Scott has obviously embraced the DVD format (just check out the amazing KINGDOM OF HEAVEN DIRECTOR’S CUT disc set to see what I mean), and he works with the same great team each time, which is why they turn out such good work. BLADE RUNNER is in good hands, and if you’re patient, it’ll pay off.

Consider yourself warned."

He's right the hardest part about this is the wait. Oh well, anything worth having is worth waiting for I guess. Plus I have the new Criterion Collection of Seven Samurai to keep me busy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ONE MORE TIME! One more time! One more time...

I just found this over at

"First up today, there's something I wanted to mention before I talk about other subjects: I've just gotten the chance to see Warner's newly remastered Blade Runner DVD... and let me tell you, if you love this film even half as much as we do, the new disc is an absolute MUST have. The new transfer makes the original DVD - which was one of the very first discs Warner ever released back in March of 1997 - look like dog chow by comparison. Contrast, color, detail... all are dramatically improved with the new anamorphic transfer. Like the first DVD, the newly remastered disc is the 1992 Director's Cut and it's movie-only. As a new multi-disc Blade Runner special edition DVD box set is already planned by Warner for release next year (to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary), this remastered DVD is only going to be available for four months. But it retails for just $19.98 (it's on sale at for $13.99) and like I said... if you're really a fan and you've been living with the crappy original DVD release, that's a small price to pay for a much better transfer to hold you over until the box set next year. The DVD street date has been moved up by Warner to this coming Tuesday (9/5) from the original 9/12 street date, so when you're out buying your DVDs next week definitely keep it in mind."

I'm going to have to buy it twice, just like Star Wars...and Star Trek: TOS.