Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sad News

"July 19, 2007 Due to the sudden and completely unexpected passing of my
father Sherman, the New Beverly's programming will be canceled until
further notice.

Sherman was my father and my best friend, and his passing has left me and my
family completely devastated. He was the main force behind the New Beverly
from May 5, 1978 until the present. I simply do not known when I will be
able to fill his shoes. My pain and sorrow are truly too much to bear right
now. He was still so young and full of life, and was doing what he loved so
much, riding his bike on the Santa Monica bike path, when he died. My mom
and I am in utter shock.

Thank you to everyone for their support during this difficult time.
Please check this website for any updates on public memorials and the future
of the New Beverly Cinema.
With love,
Michael Torgan" New Beverly Cinema

I use to live by the New Beverly Cinema. I have seen countless films on the screen there.
From taking a date there to test the waters of movie tolerance, to taking my wife to see Casablanca
on the big screen for the first time. I have been to many a revival cinema in this
town and in others but to me New Beverly Cinema was dear to my heart because it was mine.
I would travel out of my way to pick-up the classic Double-sided over-sized playbill printed in
a new color each month. Or walking back to my car from a show at Acme Comedy Theater. I would scan
the list of films and decide what I would see or have to miss. Once home I always placed the playbill up
on my fridge with my choices for the month highlighted.

Going there to see a movie was the greatest. I always looked forward to Mr. Torgan's face in the box office with his
bushy grey hair and the warm smile on his face. The man was the coolest to me, he
ran and programmed a frig'n revival movie theater. I think what was so cool was
the fact that he always had the poseters for one or both of the double feature movies playing!

My deepest sympathies go out to his son Michael Torgan and his family.
Please know that as an actor in this town I would always go to the new Beverly to find new
inspiration in old movies that I loved or to see new movies I missed. The New Beverly
is a special place and your father to me was that place.

I can only say he will be missed.