Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The 4:30 Movie

Nothing made me happier in this world then warm glow of my TV's cathode ray tube snapping on at 4:30pm. Some were around 1982. Oh man life was good. You see every week day at, yes, 4:30pm channel 7, in the Tri-State area, showed sci-fi/horror and "Godzilla Week" or "Monster Week," "Vincent Price/Edgar Allan Poe Week," "Planet of the Apes Week" and "Ray Harryhausen Week," Classics. I also had on tap WPIX's "Chiller Theater" and WOR's "Fright Night." They were genre oriented flicks on the famous: THE 4:30 MOVIE They help me find a world of science fiction and horror films that started me on my path to becoming a Chic Geek. I am grateful for everyone of those shows. Here are some fun links so you can remember things about your favorite genre joys.

The 4:30 Movie - Great descriptions and TV Guide cut outs.

The 4:30 Movie - All the sounds and videos to make a grown man cry.

I think I got all sentimental about it after watching Stephen King's The Mist. Good movie up until the end. Hated it! Frank Derabont, fucking blew one of the best endings in a book EVER! It was over directed and the shots were not well thought out at all! The background talent were weak and Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody was to over the top. Her hatred towards certain characters was forced.
That said, the Mist was a good monster itself but the digital work was over barring alot of times. You know to much digital just reminds you that it's digital. Oh well. I guess someone can always remake it. The funny thing is, there is a reference at the top of the film to John Carpenter's The Thing. Frank should have made his movie with the challenges that Mr. Carpenter had in making that one. Then The Mist might have had a shot. Rent it if you must. Better yet, go into your DVD collection and re-watch The Thing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nail Head Hit!

Check out this rant from The Digital Bits. I couldn't agree more.

Network TV rant.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is really cool.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Start your week off right

I'm just here to help you get through your work week. That's why I watch all the internet videos I can. I do it for YOU! Take this little gem, Mariko Takahashi and her workout video. Get that cute girl across from your desk who you can't seem to start a conversation with and have her watch this. See if you can't get a conversation going after she watches it. Bet you can't turn it off.

Crazy Fitness Chick - Watch more free videos